FlowJo v9 Manual


FlowJo for Macintosh - Version 9

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Graphs and Displays:

Special Analysis Platforms:




Tips and Techniques:

Usage Notes:

If this is your first time learning about FlowJo, you should read the pages describing the general concepts behind FlowJo. To see how the current version is different from older versions of the program, click here.

As you use the application, you will see that FlowJo is littered with Help buttons. Almost every FlowJo window has a help button and virtually every time FlowJo notifies you of a problem or asks you to make a decision, there will be a help button. When you click on these help buttons, FlowJo will launch a web browser (such as Google Chrome) and bring up a page that gives you specific information about that particular window, error message, or the decision options. You can also press the "help" key on your keyboard at any time and get information about the front-most window. Use this help feature frequently! You will find many hints about using FlowJo more efficiently.