FlowJo v9 Manual



The SciBook is a place where you can store pictures, text, tables, or custom annotations. The SciBook is stored with the workspace; you can use it as a permanent record of your analyses, as a temporary holding place for outputs, or just to keep notes for yourself. It is all saved with the Workspace.

The graph window, layout editor, table outputs and the platforms all have the SciBook symbol at the top of the window. Simply click on the symbol to add the item to the SciBook. The following dialog box allows you to name the item, add comments and even open the SciBook right away (click the check box).

The contents in the SciBook do not change, therefore, if you change a gate, delete a sample, or make other modifications, the SciBook contents will not be modified. Once in the SciBook, you can copy into other programs, print, or simply view.

The SciBook gives you an interface to add comments about each item that you insert, and records the date and time that the item was inserted.

To view the SciBook, click on the Psi button (a symbol representing knowledge) in the Workspace window. Once open, you can click on the titles of the different items in the SciBook to easily display each one in turn.

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