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There are several statistics that can be computed by FlowJo. Except for the Frequency of Parent, which is always displayed for each subpopulation once it has been gated, statistics must be added as separate nodes in the workspace window. Each statistic node holds a single value (a single statistic); it is recomputed whenever a gate that affects that subset changes. The full list of statistics includes such computations as median, mean, or frequency within a parent population.

Statistics can be added to populations in two ways: (1) by selecting one or more populations and clicking on the Statistic function buttonin the workspace window; this adds statistics to the selected populations, or (2) by viewing a population in a graph window and clicking on the Statistic button in that window. Both ways brings up the Statistics Dialog window.

Statistics are displayed in the workspace window whenever they are calculated. If a statistic node in the workspace does not show its value, then you may request it to be computed. Select any node which has that statistic as a descendant (i.e., the population to which it is attached, or any parent of that population), and click the Recalculate button or select Recalculate from the Workspace menu. The F5 function key can also be used to recalculate. All statistics can be hidden from view by selecting Hide Statistics in the Workspace menu (show them by selecting Show Statistics in the same menu.)

Statistics can be conveniently organized and exported by the table editor. Statistics nodes can be dragged to the table definition; when the table is computed, then all statistic nodes will be updated and computed.

In addition, you can drag statistics into the layout editor.� This will create a text box containing the statistic description and the value; it will be updated whenever the statistic is modified (i.e., it is "live").

Now you can build a table of statistics within the Layout editor. Click the Sigma button in the Layout editor's tool palette. Drag a rectangle in the area where you want your statistical table to appear. To construct the table, click here.

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