FlowJo v9 Manual



To print a single window, select the Print command from the File menu when that window is frontmost.� You will see the Print dialog offering choice of printer, number of copies and so on. In addition, you can preview the page to be printed, save it as a PDF file or fax it from the Print dialog.

For example. you can print the contents of the�workspace window. Select Print from the File menu. The printout will have the entire portion of the sample and analysis half of the window (the lower portion). All currently visible samples, analyses, and statistics nodes will appear in the printout.

For more complex printing, you should familiarize yourself with the workings of the Layout Editor. This tool provides options for easily creating reports with graphs, overlaid histograms, statistics and any amount of annotation and elaboration you desire. The reports are created by taking the first sample you set us as an example (tile) and batch processing through all the samples you wish to summarize. The resulting report can be rendered in several formats: new layout, print preview (tiled report), movie, or web report. In addition, you can print this report directly.

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