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Derive Paramenters Submenu

The Derive Parameters menus are a sub-menu below the Platform menu.

Define new or change...

This menu item is only available if a single sample is selected in the workspace. It brings up the dialog window to define new derived parameters, or edit existing parameters for the sample.

Copy to group's samples

This menu item is only available if a single sample is selected in the workspace, and that sample has derived parameters attached to it. It copies the definitions for derived parameters in the current sample to all other samples in the current group. Note that these derived parameters are appended to the list of derived parameters already existing in other samples. If you copy a ratio parameter to another sample that already has a ratio parameter (with the same numerator and denominator), then FlowJo will rename the new parameter by appending a version number (e.g., "-2") in order to maintain unique parameter names. This can cause potential confusion when gates are copied, since gates are defined on parameter names. FlowJo will notify you if any of the derived parameter names had to be modified to perform the copy.

Delete derived parms...

Delete any derived parameters for all selected samples, or (if a group was last selected) for all samples in the current group.

Calibration Standards

If you have created calibration standards via the Calibration Platform, then these will be listed individually under the Derived parameter submenu. (Like the one named Absolute shown at the bottom of the menu above.) You can select one of these directly to apply it to the selected samples (or group of samples) without going through the derived parameter dialog.

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