FlowJo v9 Manual


Installing Serial Numbers

Your Serial Number is created from the Hardware Address of your computer.

Installing Serial Numbers:

  • Download the current version of FlowJo or copy FlowJo from the CD to your computer.
  • Launch FlowJo by double clicking the application icon.
  • Visit our licensing page for registration options, here: www.flowjo.com/solutions/flowjo/product-licensing
  • Correspond with our licensing team to request your serial number.
  • When it arrives by e-mail, launch FlowJo and enter the serial number in the dialog box.
  • Serial numbers are issued for one year, and are renewable to give you the flexibility to assign your user license to a different Macintosh.

Trouble Shooting:

-Serial Numbers and dongles are two different methods of license protection. If you have a serial number, you do not need a dongle.
-FlowJo checks to make sure the computer's date and time (and all the files on the computer) are correct before it will run. You can use Disk First Aid or Disk Doctor to find and correct the files that are improperly dated.
-Capitals are important. It is best to copy and paste the serial number into the dialog box.
-Check the hardware address - if you are using an airport hub, this gives a different hardware address to FlowJo. We recommend turning off the Airport connection.
-The hardware address of the computer will show up at the bottom of the Serial Number dialog box. If the Serial Number dialog box does not come up automatically when FlowJo is launched, open it from under the FlowJo menu (in OSX) or the Apple menu (in OS9).
-Alternative methods for determining the hardware address:
OS9 - open the TCP/IP control panel and choose Get Info from the File menu.
OSX - open the Network dialog (from the System Preferences) and click on TCP/IP.

Contact us if you need further assistance.

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